Happy Hatter Hot Sauce – SHAKIRA (Heat Level 3)


Happy Hatter Hot Sauce – SHAKIRA (Heat Level 3)



Shakira Peppers, Serrano Peppers, Apple cider vinegar, Cane sugar, Onion, Garlic powder, Lime juice, Salt, Ginger powder, Olive oil

The Happy Hatter family continues – this one is quite different for Mr Hatter, we love it. A Green sauce – light, fresh and zesty. So easy to use and accessible for the whole family.

Using the unique Shakira Pepper;

The Shakira is originally an Arabic chili and mostly used in the Turkish and North African cuisine. The chillies are a long, slightly curved in shape, robust and green in colour. Juicy and slightly bitter, they become sweet and spicy when cooked.

This is a well balanced, delicious, very fresh sauce – think Salsa Verde, great on nacho’s, taco’s, salad bowls, falafel, kebab’s, rice dishes. Also great with fish.


Heat Level 3

Suitable for Vegans



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