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Happy Hatter Hot Sauce – ORIGINAL – PRODUCED IN BELGIUM (Heat Level 6)

(21 customer reviews)


Happy Hatter Hot Sauce – ORIGINAL

As featured on popular TV cooking program “Dagelijkse Kost” (“daily dish”)

Used personally by celebrity TV chef Jeroen Meus. 


Tomato, Peach, Red Onion, Chili peppers (Madame Jeanette 75%, Birds eye 25%) Garlic, Apple, Vinegar, Cane Sugar, Lime, Salt, Celery, Herbs.

Proud to stock our first ever Belgian produced hot sauce, by creator Wim Daans.

This is a great example of how a hot sauce should be made and we are happy to welcome The Happy Hatter on board!

A tomato based sauce, with a hint of peachy sweetness and just the right amount of Madame Jeanette peppers for that fruity, spicy kick. It is very well balanced and warms your mouth nicely without setting it on fire.

Perfect for spaghetti sauce, delicious on a burger / veggie burger or a pizza. Add into tomato salsa or mayo to kick start your dip sauces. Great in the wok, with noodles / rice or add a splash into your smoothie mix. A great little boost to start the day!

Heat level 6

Suitable for Vegans

In stock

21 reviews for Happy Hatter Hot Sauce – ORIGINAL – PRODUCED IN BELGIUM (Heat Level 6)

  1. Sabrina

    Best sauce i tried. Spicy but sweet amazing

    • TeamChili (store manager)

      Thanks for your review Sabrina. We also agree! Happy Hatter is a beautiful well balanced sauce!

  2. Claude Cloet (verified owner)

    A very well balanced and tasty product. It can be used with almost every type of food cold or hot. It is full of flavour and not too hot = suitable for everyday use. I like all other products too but this Mad Hatter is a nr1 allrounder… Perfect and far better replacement for my supermarket Tobascobottle. Friendly greetings Claude

  3. Wormfinger

    This sauce is the absolute best,
    It’s pretty spicy but not too spicy, it compliments every meal that could require a hot sauce.
    Great balance of ingredients resulting in a sauce that’s full of flavour.
    Highly recommended!

  4. toby.legrand

    Delicious hot and sweet sauce, perfect for your BBQ adventures and burgers, I love it! I accidentally dropped my first bottle so I ordered a new one straight away which arrived a couple of days ago!

  5. Fabian

    Heerlijk!!! Mag wel iets pittiger. Maar de smaak is echt perfect.

  6. Sam DTD Ramsdonck

    Sweet and a bit of kick. But this taste is so spot on! suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinner

  7. Frederic (verified owner)

  8. Bart Vancorenland (verified owner)

    Tasty and very compatible to a variety of dishes

  9. Edwin

    A good Belgian sauce that goes with pretty much everything. The addition of peach into the sauce makes it a fresh all-rounder. Not too hot and not too soft.

  10. Frederic (verified owner)

    Best sauce ever ! Tasty, spicy but not too much.

  11. Jeroen Nijssen (verified owner)

  12. Sabrina (verified owner)

    Perfectie like always

  13. Bart Vancorenland (verified owner)

    Simply great taste, a passe-partout between the hot sauces

  14. Gert-Jan Van den Berghe (verified owner)

  15. Bart V. (verified owner)

  16. Sabrina (verified owner)

    Is en blijft mijn favorite

  17. Danny (verified owner)

    Also one of the best.

  18. Steve G. (verified owner)

    I love this sauce. Quite versatile and from Belgian origin. Excellent for spaghetti sauce.

  19. Jan (verified owner)

    Zeer lekkere hotsaus

  20. Marianne Schouten (verified owner)

  21. Pascal Eraerts

    Dit in pompoensoep = Lekker. Extra kick. Mmmm.

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