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Chillies and travelling – a highly addictive passion!

The EU Chili Adventures started back in 2017 – leaving Scotland with a camper van full of Specialist UK Hot Sauces – who knew what was going to unfold..
Initially joining onto the weekly Fiesta Europa Markets, hosts of big continental markets all over Belgium and The Netherlands.   (https://www.fiestaeuropa.eu/)
This led into a whole range of other markets, festivals and events, travelling Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Luxemburg and Italy.
The travelling and the passion for peppers still continues to grow every year and so does the product range.. You can never have too much hot sauce right?
Hot Sauce Producers
Grim Reaper Foods – Top branding, real heat sauces & addictive chili oils  UK
The Wiltshire Chilli Farm – Farm grown peppers, top quality wide range of sauces, salts, herbs & seasonings  UK
Devon Chilli Man – The BEST (33%) fresh Carolina Reaper sambal we have ever tried  UK
Happy Hatter Hot Sauce – The new Belgian hot sauce star, medium heat, only fresh ingredients  BE
Crazy Bastard Sauce – Fruit based hot sauces, delicious no sugar creations from the crazy Irish man in Berlin   DE
White Whale Sauces – Natural ingredients, medium heat, executed perfectly with a Turkish twist  NL

And in the last few years – our own label was launched 

“Guest Producers” – new and interesting hot sauce makers – showcasing their products for a short period of time – a great way to learn about new and upcoming sauce makers 
  • You won’t find these products in shops or supermarkets
  • Never with artificial ingredients, E numbers or additives
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