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Tempest / Garlic Chili Oil (Heat Level 5)

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Tempest / Chili Garlic Oil


Cold pressed Rapeseed Oil, Natural Chili Extract, Natural Garlic extract.

Rich, full bodied Garlic chili oil. Fantastic burst of flavour from the natural garlic extract, quickly becomes addictive to all garlic lovers. Add in as your cooking or on top of food after as a finishing oil.

Perfect for pizza and pasta. Use in the wok, great with fried chicken, mix with mayo for a spicy garlic dip. Great with mussels and frites!

A personal favourite at Chilisaus HQ – it goes well with everything in our opinion!

Heat Level 5

Suitable for Vegans

1 review for Tempest / Garlic Chili Oil (Heat Level 5)

  1. toby.legrand

    The garlic is strong and very present in this chili oil.
    I think it will go great in salads to swap between olive oil and this one for a change (I also have a lemon oil that I use for this) and it is “visitor friendly” in my book.

    For the die hard chilihead its too soft to stand alone on pizza but I’ll just keep making my own chili oils with reapers or ghost peppers as I’ve done up onto this experiment

    The wife loves it (for once!) though 😉

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