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Tempest / Garlic Chili Oil (Heat Level 5)

(10 customer reviews)


Tempest / Garlic Chili Oil


Cold pressed Rapeseed Oil, Natural Chili Extract, Natural Garlic Extract.

Definitely one for the Garlic lovers out there. Natural garlic extract and a silky smooth Oil – this will quickly become addictive. Add into dishes as your cooking or use as a finishing oil.

Perfect for Pizza, Pasta, Wok. Great with fried Chicken, mix with mayo for a spicy aioli style dip.

A personal favourite at – we use this instead of regular oil as the base of almost every dish. 

Heat Level 5

Suitable for Vegans

Out of stock

10 reviews for Tempest / Garlic Chili Oil (Heat Level 5)

  1. toby.legrand

    The garlic is strong and very present in this chili oil.
    I think it will go great in salads to swap between olive oil and this one for a change (I also have a lemon oil that I use for this) and it is “visitor friendly” in my book.

    For the die hard chilihead its too soft to stand alone on pizza but I’ll just keep making my own chili oils with reapers or ghost peppers as I’ve done up onto this experiment

    The wife loves it (for once!) though 😉

  2. Bart Vancorenland (verified owner)

    Almost reaching perfection when searching for that little drizzle of oil to top off your salads

  3. Edwin

    The first ever Grim Reaper product I bought when discovering your shop in 2018. The bottle didn’t last long as I put it on anything edible from dimsum to pizza. Frying rice with it is also a good one.

  4. Kasper den Ouden (verified owner)

    Goes with pretty much everything. At first I ordered this one bottle at a time, but now it has become a staple food in my household I am almost forced to order it two or three at a time.

  5. Tijs (verified owner)

    A gift for my father. He tried it right away and appreciated it: “not too spicy but very delicious”. This coming from a man who does like things very hot and can handle himself in the heat of things.

  6. Edwin Eekelaers (verified owner)

    Tasty oil. Only downside is that the bottle isn’t big enough for me. I like it too much

  7. Bart Coenen (verified owner)

    Ideaal voor met de pizza.

  8. Kasper den Ouden (verified owner)

    One of the first things that has become a staple food in my kitchen.
    Food simply doesn’t taste the same any more if I run out of it.
    Nice heat level and lovely garlic flavour.

  9. Bart Vancorenland (verified owner)

  10. Odette Krijthe (verified owner)

    Heerlijke olie voor in de fondue pan, ideaal om je feestje wat extra spice te geven!

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