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Trinidad Scorpion – AS FEATURED ON HOT ONES (Heat Level 10)

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Trinidad Scorpion


Cider Vinegar, Sugar, Trinidad Scorpion, Red Peppers, Salt.

With a sting in its tail, this super hot fiery Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce makes the extraordinary heat of this Chili pepper a true experience to behold. Sweet to begin, great building heat and a long lasting burn. Not one for the faint hearted.

Delicious in spaghetti and pasta dishes, great with fried chicken. Mix with mayo and use as a chip dip. Works well with noodles, rice and any Asian dishes.
As Featured On Hot Ones 
Hot Ones – the famous YouTube show where celebrities eat wings with different heat levels of hot sauces on, while answering awkward questions about their lives.
Our Trinidad Scorpion was Sauce Number 7 on the line up of Season 9, rating in at a whopping 104,000 Scoville Heat Units. The First ever UK sauce to feature on the show, created by the incredible guys at The Wiltshire Chilli Farm! It took every celebrity by surprise!!

Celebrities who have tasted our sauce include; 

Halle Berry, Idris Elba, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Trevor Noah, Kristen Bell and The Jonas Brothers.

Heat level 10
Suitable for Vegans



1 review for Trinidad Scorpion – AS FEATURED ON HOT ONES (Heat Level 10)

  1. Tomas

    I bought a bottle today and I cannot stop eating it. It is great with seafood. Quite hot, but so tasty that you want to eat more and more. Fully recommended.

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