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Trinidad Scorpion AS FEATURED ON HOT ONES (Heat Level 10)

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Trinidad Scorpion


Cider Vinegar, Sugar, Trinidad Scorpion Chilli, Red Peppers, Salt.

With a sting in its tail, this super hot fiery Trinidad Scorpion sauce makes the extraordinary heat of this Chili pepper a true experience to behold. Sweet to begin, with a building heat and a long lasting burn. Not one for the faint hearted.

Delicious in spaghetti and pasta dishes, great with fried chicken. Mix with mayo to soften the heat and use as a chip dip. Works well with noodles, rice and any Asian dishes.
**As featured on Hot Ones
The You Tube hit show where a wide variety of celebrities eat wings with different heat levels of hot sauces on.
Our Trinidad Scorpion was number 7 on the line up of Season 9, rating in at a whopping 104,000 Scoville Heat Units. The First ever UK sauce to feature on the show, It took everyone by surprise!!
Heat level 10
Suitable for Vegans



1 review for Trinidad Scorpion AS FEATURED ON HOT ONES (Heat Level 10)

  1. Tomas

    I bought a bottle today and I cannot stop eating it. It is great with seafood. Quite hot, but so tasty that you want to eat more and more. Fully recommended.

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