The Carolina Reaper Essentials Kit (Heat Level – EXTREME)

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The Carolina Reaper Essentials Kit (Heat Level – EXTREME)


Pods, Powder, Sambal and Sauce – all from The Hottest Pepper in the World

Experience the delight of the Reaper in 4 deliciously different ways


Reaper Habanero Sauce – Heat Level 10

Ingredients; Red Habanero, Cider Vinegar, Brown Sugar, Onion, Red Peppers, Carolina Reaper, Smoked Paprika, Garlic

Simple ingredients, incredible heat and flavour. One of our best selling sauces.

33% Fresh Carolina Reaper Sambal – Heat Level 15

Ingredients; Onions 40%, Carolina Reaper 33%, Refined Sugar 8%, Sunflower Oil 7.5%, Sweet Soy Sauce 7.5%, White Vinegar 0.5%, Salt, Spices

Sweet and juicy caramelised onions, quickly followed by a rollercoaster of a ride from the fresh Carolina Reapers. Delightful!

Carolina Reaper Powder – 10g

Dried and crushed into a fine powder. Easy and simple to use, sprinkle in or over anything for instant heat.

Carolina Reaper Pods – 10 to 12 Dried Pods

Fresh peppers are not always easy to come by, so using dried pepper pods can be a quick and easy replacement for a SUPER hot addition to any meal.

Slice them up as they are, crush to make flakes or rehydrate by soaking in a bowl of warm water for about 10 minutes until they soften.

All Suitable for Vegans

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