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Mexican Habanero Powder 30g (100,000 -350,000 Scoville Heat Units)


Habanero Poeder

100.000 - 350.000 Scoville warmte-eenheden

Op zoek naar een chilipeper met de juiste balans tussen warmte en smaak?

The Mexican Habanero is the perfect choice. These peppers are one of the most popular in the world, mostly known for their fruity taste while also having a great balance of heat. The powder comes from whole dried Habanero pods which are ground down to make this very fine, delicate powder.

Sprinkle into any sauce to give a spicy kick. Ideal for Mexican dishes. Perfect for the BBQ – marinade in oil with meats, fish or veggies. Mix into mayo, yogurt or ketchup to make a spicy dip sauce.

Geschikt voor Veganisten

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