OBLIVION – 500,000 Scoville PURE Capsaicin (Heat Level 12) 30ml

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OBLIVION – 500,000 Scoville PURE Capsaicin (Heat Level 12) 30ml


Pure Chilli Extract at 500,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Units)

1 million Scoville’s is the most the tongue can detect – welcome to Oblivion…

This oleoresin is not bitter or harsh like other extracts due to the African peppers used in its manufacture.

Completely clear in colour – this is a very special, unique super hot product.

You can use drops of Oblivion for some seriously spicy spaghetti, chili con carne or add 1 drop into vodka shots (a personal favourite)

Adds instant long lasting heat to anything it touches..

It is not intended to be ingested directly, but is intended to be used as a food / drink additive.

Product of the USA – Bottled in the UK

30 mls


DISCLAIMER; The purchaser of Oblivion hereby acknowledges the extreme heat factor of this product and the danger involved if misused. You must be aged 18 or over to buy Oblivion, and should you continue to purchase it, you release Chilisaus.be of all liability and hold us harmless in respect to any claim of damages resulting in the use, consumption, ingestion and/or contact with respect to this product, Grim Reaper’s Oblivion.

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