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Welcome to our Spicy Web Shop! 
We would like to introduce ourselves.
We are a couple who originate from the UK.
Kerri is from Scotland and Barry is from Manchester in England. 
(Learning Dutch is in progress…)
We found our love for the Chili Pepper a few years ago now.
Since that incredible discovery, all things chili became our passion, our life and now our business!
We work with the best producers we know to bring you a wide variety of chili products, from different countries, using different peppers. 
And It’s not all just sauce – we highly recommend the salts, seasonings, dried chillies and oils too! 
You won’t find our products in the supermarket!
Everything we do is based on a heat level number, to give you some help, Tabasco is around Level 4! 
We do events and festivals almost every weekend all over Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands.
Follow us on Facebook for weekly updates!
Browse around our web shop and please contact us if we can help you with anything at all! 
Of course you can write in Dutch too!