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33% Pure Carolina Reaper Sambal (Heat Level 12)


33% Pure Carolina Reaper Sambal 


Onions 40%, Carolina Reaper 33%, Refined Sugar 8%, Sunflower Oil 7.5%, Sweet Soy Sauce 7.5%, White Vinegar 0.5%, Salt, Spices

The Famous Devon Chilli Man is a UK based Chili Pepper Grower and Hot Sauce Producer. His Pepper plantations in Devon produce some of the hottest AND the best in the business!

The Carolina Reaper seeds Cliff uses to grow his giant Reapers have come directly from Ed Currie at The Puckerbutt Pepper Company, South Carolina, USA. (The crazy man responsible for breeding the Carolina Reaper)

First, a delicious sweet taste thanks to the caramelised onions. Then it’s a rollercoaster of a ride from the fresh Carolina Reapers. A lot of time, love and attention goes into the production of this Sambal. You won’t be disappointed

Heat Level 12

Suitable for Vegans


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