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Wraith BBQ Chilli Sauce (Heat Level 5)

8,00  5,99 

Wraith BBQ Chilli Sauce


Oak smoked cold pressed Rapeseed Oil,Apple balsamic vinegar, Honey, Golden syrup, Tomato purée, Molasses, water, Tamari soy sauce, Onion powder, Chili extract, MUSTARD powder, Garlic extract.

A new type of BBQ sauce. Sweet, sticky, spicy, smoky, highly addictive. Full on flavour and heat, this sauce delivers both very well. Can be used as a condiment like a ketchup. Smoked oil as the base makes it great for BBQ grilling, frying or marinades. Great also added into a chilli con carne or just pouring straight onto your ribs from the bottle.

Heat level 5

Not suitable for Vegans 



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