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The Raven Smoked (Heat Level 10)

(11 customer reviews)


The Raven Smoked (no added sugar)


Water, Red peppers, Vinegar, Trinidad Scorpion Chili (10%), Dried Red Chillies (Chipotle), Onion, MUSTARD seeds, Garlic, Lime, Salt

A real Smoky hot sauce with a great long lasting heat from the Moruga Scorpion. A fantastic balance of heat and flavour with no sugars added. Not for the feint hearted this one!

Works well with any Mexican dishes, great for Pulled Pork or on a Burger. With the addition of Mustard seeds, it is ideal for meats, burgers and especially steaks.

Heat level 10

Suitable for Vegans




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11 reviews for The Raven Smoked (Heat Level 10)

  1. Tobias Legrand

    Just got this sauce in the mail today and boy oh boy is it HOT! You can still taste the smoky and full flavour before an explosion of heat us chililovers crave! Although the sauce is a bit thick to my taste (hence the 4 star instead of 5 star review), the flavour is absolutely fenomenal! I had it with roasted chicken and potatoes and it was a wonderful add on to my dish! I will definitely buy a new one when this one runs out!

  2. Flemishbull (verified owner)

    Really good taste and hot… my favourite one ???

  3. Drew Grimshaw (verified owner)

  4. Nicky S. (verified owner)

    Best hot sauce by far !

  5. jo smolders (verified owner)

    My favorite! Great smoked taste and hot, but not to hot!

  6. Nicky (verified owner)

    Beste saus in het gamma vind ik. Lekkere smokey smaak met een pittige toets.

  7. jo smolders (verified owner)

    My favorite

  8. Stinus R. (verified owner)

    No sweetness, lots of smoke… and a kick! Very tasty

  9. Eddy Leenknegt (verified owner)

  10. Nicolas (verified owner)

    Very nice taste

  11. Kristof Ostyn (verified owner)

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