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“Can You Handle It?” – Extreme Hot Box – God Slayer & Regret


God Slayer & Regret 

Our 2 Hottest products, in a Limited Edition Specially designed Presentation Box

God Slayer EXTREME Hot Sauce – Heat Level 15


Tomato, Cider Vinegar, Bourbon, Garlic, Lime, Ghost Pepper, Red Chili, 6.4 Million Scoville Capsaicin, Salt, Herbs

Bursting with garlic and lime to begin, an intense building heat will follow. That will increase over time, followed by a long lasting burn. The heat will stay with you – so enjoy it and give it the time it deserves.

Regret SUPER EXTREME Hot Sauce – Heat Level 20


Tomato, Cider Vinegar, Bourbon, Garlic, Lime, Ghost Pepper, Habanero, 12 million Scoville Pure Capsaicin, Salt, Herbs.

Garlic hits you at the start of this crazy rollercoaster of a ride. Followed by an Intense, building, delicious heat, which will continue for quite some time, so be patient and let it reach it’s peak.

The heat will last longer than God Slayer, with a much higher percentage of capsaicin used!!

Will you Regret it?

How to Use These Products;

You can use them in the same way as regular sauces, just a much smaller quantity is required and a much hotter heat level is reached, for longer.  Add a few drops into sauces, soups or pasta dishes. Drop into Mayo or a marinade.


DISCLAIMER; accept no responsibility for the misuse of this product. Avoid direct contact with skin, eyes and ALL sensitive areas.

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