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Spaghetti Lovers Gift pack


Spaghetti Lovers Gift Pack

The perfect ingredients to make the perfect spaghetti sauce.

All 5 items come in a clear cellophane presentation bag with a menu of all the items that are included with the heat levels.

Experiment with your spaghetti sauce to get the right heat level for you..

Suitable for Vegans

(7€ discount compared to buying separately)

Pack contains;

Reaper Habanero sauce – Heat Level 10

 With the worlds hottest pepper, The Carolina Reaper AND Mexican full strength Habanero peppers, this hot garlic, smoked paprika and pepper sauce makes this the perfect addition to any spaghetti sauce. Use as much as you can handle! 


Dried Smoked Mexican Chipotle Peppers – Heat Level 8                          

 Use these as the base of your sauce. Chop 1/4 – 1/2 a dried pepper finely and add into your tomato sauce for a rich smokey base flavour. Heat and smokey flavour come through the sauce as you cook it.                               Using the seeds will add more heat. 


Smoked chili Oil / “Incinerator”- Heat Level 6                                                            

 Recommended for use on top of your spaghetti when you serve. Drizzle on the top for a rich full bodied oak smoked finish. 


Maverick sauce – Heat Level 8              

 This tomato, garlic and shallot sauce is perfect for adding into your spaghetti for a great enhancement to your sauce mix without taking over. 


Garlic chili salt – Heat Level 3                

 This is a multi use product using milder Cayenne peppers. Great for frying onions and garlic. Season your meat or vegetables while cooking. Add into sauce as you are cooking or simply grind on the top before serving.

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