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Slaughter Pure Chilli Extract (Heat Level 12)


Slaughter Chili extract 30ml

1 Million Scoville pure chilli extract, Oil of lemon (10%)

One Million Scoville extract blended with lemon essential oil. Comes with a dropper for easy use.

Ideal for your ‘Bloody Mary’. One or two drops in the vodka before mixing with tomato juice.

Can be added into pan of spaghetti, curry, wok noodles or any dish which requires a boost of direct heat.

Great for baking – try lemon chilli muffins. Or chilli chocolate brownies.

Vodka chili shots – highly recommended! A personal favourite of ours.  One drop in the shot glass first, then just add vodka (or gin, rum, tequila)

This is an extreme product. (see disclaimer below)

Product of the USA – Bottled in the UK

Suitable for Vegans

Heat level 12

DISCLAIMER accept no responsibility for the misuse of this product.
Avoid contact with skin, eyes and sensitive areas at all times.



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