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Lockdown Survival Pack – Phase 1

(4 customer reviews)



This chili survival pack covers all bases to get you through these tough Corona times! 

Sweet Chili sauce – Heat Level 1 

Our mildest sauce but full of flavour. Using fresh fruity Hot Wax peppers and lots of fresh ginger this Sweet Chili sauce will be different to the others you know. No additives or E numbers, only natural ingredients.

Perfect as a dip sauce for loempia,  great in the wok, with noodles, marinade your gambas and chicken or great with cheese. It’s one for the whole family. A firm favourite with adults and children.

Tempest Garlic Chili Oil – Heat Level 5 

Perfect for pizza and pasta. Drizzle over the top for that delicious garlic taste with just the right amount of chili kick. Or use in the wok, lovely on fish or mix with mayo for a garlic chili dip.

(A personal favourite at Chilisaus HQ – a few drops go well with everything in our opinion!)

Wraith BBQ- Heat Level 5 

A new type of BBQ sauce. Sweet, sticky, spicy, smoky, highly addictive.

With smoked oil as the base, this is a great sauce for grilling, frying or marinating. Perfect on a burger / veggie burger, kebab or wrap or in a chili con carne.

Happy Hatter Hot Sauce – Heat Level 6 ( PRODUCED IN BELGIUM )

As featured on popular TV cooking program “Dagelijkse Kost”

A tomato based sauce, with a hint of peachy sweetness and just the right amount of Suriname Madame Jeanette peppers for that fruity, spicy kick. It is very well balanced and warms your mouth nicely without setting it on fire.

Spice up your spaghetti sauce, delicious on a burger or a burrito. Add into tomato salsa, great chip dip. Works well with the wok / rice or add a splash into your smoothie mix. A great healthy way to start the day!

Evil Twin Hot Sauce – Heat Level 10 

Super Hot Chili Sauce with Scotch Bonnet Peppers, Naga Ghost Peppers and 1% Chili extract. This sauce has a great heat level thanks to the pure Chili extract addition, but no extract taste like you might imagine. A very cleverly made sauce.

Great in spaghetti or with a pizza. Add to mayo for a spicy dip sauce. Good in the wok or on a burger / veggie burger.

Dried Habanero Peppers 

Habanero peppers have a distinctively sweet, tropical fruity flavour.

But don’t be fooled, they are very hot!

Fresh peppers are not always easy to come by, so using dried habaneros can be a quick and easy replacement for an authentic blast of Mexican heat.

You can just slice them up as they are, crush them into a powder or you can rehydrate them by soaking them in a bowl of hot water for about 10 minutes until they soften.

Suitable for Vegans

** For shipping, items need to be packaged individually. This is to prevent any glass breakages in transit.


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4 reviews for Lockdown Survival Pack – Phase 1

  1. jim theys (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Zeer lekkere producten die tevens nog eens persoonlijk geleverd werden .
    Een hele fijne babbel gehad met Barry , super sympathieke man met een warm hart voor chilisaus en aanverwanten .
    Kortom , een absolute aanrader .
    Barry en Kerri , i hope 2021 wil be normal again so we could see you guy’s back on our markets 🤘🤘🤘

  2. Jeroen Nijssen (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Snel geleverd en heerlijke producten, oog dat wat we al geopend hebben

  3. Tijs (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Ik heb dit pakket gekozen omdat het een leuke aanbieding is. Geen enkele van de sauzen is mij bekend. Ondertussen heb ik ze nog niet allemaal geprobeerd.
    De Happy Hatter Hot sauce is lekker van smaak maar voor mij wat sterker zijn.
    Jekyll or Hyde smoked heat is niets bijzonder: nog sterk genoeg, nog bijzonder lekker.
    Evil 1 Hot Sauce is daarentegen wel sterk genoeg om de maaltijd op te fleuren en heeft een tomaatsausachtige smaak/textuur. DEze zal ik nog vaker bestellen.
    De overige sauzen heb ik nog niet geprobeerd.
    Maar een gelijkaardig pakket met sauzen van minstens Heat Level 8-9 zou ik zeker kopen 😉

  4. Kristof (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

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