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Jekyll or Hyde Smoked (Heat Level 6)

(3 customer reviews)


Jekyll or Hyde (no added sugar) 


Red peppers, Cyder vinegar, Water, Smoked Chipotle Chilli (10%), Red onion, Garlic, Sea salt, Oil.

Jekyll gives you that REAL full on rich smokey flavour. No sweetness just a depth of smoke and spice.

Great for the BBQ, chilli con carne, ribs, wings or spice up your spaghetti sauce.

Heat level 6

Suitable for Vegans

“Only the finest red jalapenos are taken to be chipotle chillies. They are left on the plant to the last moment, and smoked for a good 24 hours. They can be hot or cold smoked, and then dehydrated. Ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 SHU, if flavour is what you are looking for, this sauce packs it in”

Grim Reaper foods

3 reviews for Jekyll or Hyde Smoked (Heat Level 6)

  1. toby.legrand (verified owner)

    Great little sauce, not too spicy so enjoyable for the moderate chilihead I think. I’d love this even hotter!

  2. Flemishbull (verified owner)

    Not to hot. But I like the taste.

  3. Sam DTD Ramsdonck

    Rich smokiness, but misses a bit of punch. On the other hand, you can put this on any table an nobody is going to regret eating this sauce.

    • Kerri Innes

      Thanks for the honest review!
      We could recommend you The Raven.
      It has the same rich smokiness but with the addition of Trinidad Scorpion peppers for that punch you are maybe missing

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