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God Slayer & Skull Pipette Combo


God Slayer EXTREME Hot Sauce (60ml) with Glass Skull Pipette (50ml)

The Perfect Combo for this Crazy Hot Sauce! 

How to have fun with this deliciously crazy hot sauce in the best way possible!

God Slayer EXTREME Hot Sauce – Heat Level 15

Ingredients; Tomato, Cider Vinegar, Bourbon, Garlic, Lime, Ghost Pepper, Red Chili, 6.4 Million Scoville Capsaicin, Salt, Herbs

Bursting with garlic and lime to begin, an intense building heat will follow. That will increase over time, followed by a long lasting burn. The heat will stay with you – so enjoy it and give it the time it deserves. Be patient, certainly not for the feint hearted!

Glass Skull Pipette 7cm, 50ml

These beautiful glass skull dropper bottles are 100% dishwasher and food safe, fully airtight, practical and fun. Pipette to be washed by hand.


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