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Garlic Chilli Salt Grinder (Heat Level 3)

(2 customer reviews)

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Garlic Chili salt grinder


Sea salt (67%) Garlic (19%) Cayenne Chili (14%)

Use instead of regular salt to give every dish a burst of flavour. A true secret ingredient. Fry with garlic and onions for a super base flavour. Grind into or onto your spaghetti. Use as a salad seasoning, grind onto frites, pizza, pasta, fried chicken or wings.

A real top favourite at HQ

Heat level 3

Suitable for Vegans


2 reviews for Garlic Chilli Salt Grinder (Heat Level 3)

  1. toby.legrand

    I bought this on a Xmas market in Ghent end of last year and haven’t used it much yet. Now spring and summer is just around the corner, I’m going to be using it a lot in my salads. Very excited about it, tastes great btw! Not too hot, just a nice subtle little add on to regular grinding salts out there

  2. Loki Smith

    This stuff is brilliant, I use it on loads of things, like chicken or potatoes, great product.

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