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Super Hot Box – Slaughter & God Slayer


“Slaughter” & “God Slayer” Duo Box


Ingredients; 1 Million Scoville Pure Chilli Extract, Essential Oil of lemon (10%)

This is a very special and unique product. The purest and most extreme form of heat you can get after fresh pods, this is pure Capsaicin, the ingredient that makes peppers hot.

Comes with a dropper. Add 1 drop at a time until required heat level is achieved.

Great way to spice up Spaghetti, Soups, Curry, Wok dishes. Great for baking – try Lemon Chili Muffins, or Chili Chocolate Brownies. Add a few drops into the mixture before baking.

Also great for cocktails and drinks. Bloody Mary, Beer, Vodka Chili shots, (a personal favourite of ours) One drop in the shot glass first, then add Vodka (Gin, Rum, Tequila)


Product of the USA – Bottled in the UK

God Slayer Hot Sauce – Heat Level 15

Ingredients; Tomato, Cider Vinegar, Bourbon, Garlic, Lime, Ghost Chili, Red Chili, 6.4 Million Scoville Extract, Salt, Herbs

Insanely Hot with a strong Garlic kick.

This product has a brilliant flavour, bursting with garlic. A building heat that increases over time, followed by a long lasting burn. Give this one time to develop and really enjoy the extreme heat it gives. Not for the feint hearted!


DISCLAIMER accept no responsibility for the misuse of these products.
Avoid contact with skin, eyes and sensitive areas at all times.

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