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Dark Habanero (Heat Level 10) 100ml

(15 customer reviews)


Dark Habanero 


Chocolate Habanero, Cider Vinegar, Tomatoes, Sugar, Onion, Raw Cacao, Chipotle, Salt, Mixed Spices.

The Chocolate Habanero is a mysterious Pepper. The uniquely rich smoky sweetness of this illusive chilli pepper really shine through. Hot, earthy and rich with a sweet, smoky undertone. Perfectly balanced and full of flavour, a real experience this one.

Really brings alive any Mexican dishes, burrito, tacos, nachos. Great in a Chili con carne, with BBQ ribs / wings or pulled pork. Great on a burger or in soup.
Heat Level 10
Suitable for Vegans

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15 reviews for Dark Habanero (Heat Level 10) 100ml

  1. toby.legrand

    Be careful with this one! I always lick the bottle after adding to a dish (I know I’m disgusting but I love it) and this one always delivered me a kick when doing this, instant rush of adrenaline but damn is it a good tasty hottie!

  2. Spitfire Chillies

    Absolutely delicious! I highly recommend it!

  3. Flor Van Essche (verified owner)

  4. Anoniem (verified owner)

  5. Danny Budts (verified owner)

  6. Edwin Eekelaers (verified owner)

    Habañero is my usual goto sauce on a regular day. On special days I go stronger. Really glad to have discovered this one

  7. Anthony Costenoble (verified owner)

  8. Kevin D. (verified owner)

  9. Melvin M. (verified owner)

    Spiciness with a nice touch!

  10. Didier Brackx (verified owner)

    One of my favorites. This one burns and is good !

  11. stinus.renders

    I like this one on my chili sin carne. I make it kids and wife proof and afterwards ad a dash of the dark habanero on my plate.
    The sauce and the chili have a lot of spice in common; cinnamon, chipotle, sometimes some raw cocoa. Flavour profiles are like two peas in a pod

  12. Melvin (verified owner)

  13. heikki doeleman (verified owner)

    Very nice. Doesn’t burn much in the mouth, but then it warms you from within. Nice taste.

  14. Thomas Van den Bogaert (verified owner)

  15. Wim (verified owner)

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