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The 2022 Edition & The Happy Hatter Original – Duo

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18,00 – The 2022 Edition – CHOCOLATE SMOKED  (no added sugar)

Ingredients; Roasted Bell Peppers, Red Wine Vinegar, Carolina Reaper, Smoked Chipotle, Red Onion, Roasted Garlic, Lime, Raw Cacao, Ginger, Olive Oil, Salt, Provençal Herbs

Kerri (Our creator) and Wim ( AKA Mr Happy Hatter) put their creative heads together and this is the delicious result!

Fresh Carolina Reapers, smoked Morita Chipotle, oven roasted garlic & bell peppers for a natural sweetness, raw cacao for that chocolate edge – finished off with fresh lime & Provençale herbs. A real taste journey!

We love this with Lasagne, Tosti, Ribs, Wings, Pizza and will make a great summer BBQ sauce

Heat Level 10


Happy Hatter Hot Sauce – ORIGINAL

As featured on popular TV cooking program “Dagelijkse Kost” (“daily dish”)

Ingredients; Tomato, Peach, Red Onion, Chili peppers (Madame Jeanette 75%, Birds eye 25%) Garlic, Apple, Vinegar, Cane Sugar, Lime, Salt, Celery, Herbs.

A tomato based sauce, with a hint of peachy sweetness and just the right amount of Madame Jeanette peppers for that fruity, spicy kick. It is very well balanced and warms your mouth nicely without setting it on fire.

Perfect for spaghetti, delicious on a burger / veggie burger or with noodles.

Heat level 6

All Suitable for Vegans

2 reviews for The 2022 Edition & The Happy Hatter Original – Duo

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