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Carolina Reaper In A Can – Grow Your Own


Carolina Reaper In a Can – Just add Water

The Hottest Pepper in the World, 1.6 Million – 2.2 Million Scoville Heat Units 

The Carolina Reaper is officially the world’s hottest Chili Pepper. This is the simplest way to start growing your own plant at home.

Using high quality 100% organic seeds, the container contains all nutrients and everything the seeds need to get started. Contains at least 10 seeds per can.

  1. Open the top with the ring pull
  2. Remove the drainage sticker
  3. Place can on a saucer (or something similar to catch the excess water)
  4. Add water until the substrate is damp (not soaking)
  5. Leave in a warm sunny space and don’t let the substrate dry out (this will kill the seeds)

Germination should take 7 – 20 days, you can speed up the process by covering the top of the can with a recycled plastic bag (like a greenhouse) to hold in the moisture, check daily.

A good trick is to learn the weight of the can to tell how much water is in it. Reapers do like a lot of warmth. Always keep inside in winter, with as much heat and light as possible.

Once the seedlings reach about 10cm in height, they will need to be re potted into bigger pots to allow them to continue growing.

The seedlings will happily grow outside after the last frost, normally from April onwards.

** This kit was put together by Chili Punk Berlin.

They started the “Berlin Super-Hot Chili Project” during the first lockdown of 2020 – because growing your own Peppers is fun, motivational and rewarding.


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